Shaping Leaders 4 Life

by building esteem and vision in 4th grade students through mentoring, clubs, and leadership training

The goal of A4 is to capitalize on the minds of 4th graders, who are in the early stages of transforming from concrete to abstract thinking. As a mentor, I can attest that by partnering with a child throughout the school year and seeing the changes evolve is nothing less than remarkable. Mentors are the vehicles that drive the students, which will transform them into leaders in school, the community and at home. It’s a wonderful responsibility to incur and it’s no wonder why the program is so successful and rapidly growing. I am proud and humbled to be associated with Academy 4, its message, the people and most of all…our future leaders.

‐ Mr. Graham Marshall


Corporate Office: 1800 West Freeway, Fort Worth, TX 76102