Why 4th Grade

Fourth Graders are on the cusp of adolescence, and have the language skills and cognitive ability to gather information and formulate opinions and thoughts that are well-organized and thought-out.  They  are at a stage between childhood and adolescence.  Most importantly, 4th graders are fun to be around!

Activities, sports and clubs can help them to feel good about themselves and form safe relationships outside the family.

Cognitive Development:

  • Able to develop and refine morality
  • Can budget and manage time more effectively
  • Can prioritize and set goals
  • Relies more on the context of a conversation and what someone meant to say as opposed to the more literal interpretation of the words.
  • Understand idioms and the multiple uses of words

Social Development:

  • Starting to distance themselves from parents/adults but still open to guidance by parents/adults.
  • Peer pressure starts to have a bigger impact.  Important for 4th graders to have a good self-esteem to combat negative peer pressure.
  • Feeling a part of a team or bigger group can be empowering.