Donna Park Elementary, Hurst, TX

Donna Park Events 2017-2018

Aug.  26 Mentor/Volunteer Training & Orientation
Sept. 22 LEADERS Overview
Oct.  13 L is for Listen
Nov.   3 E is for Encourage
Dec.  1 A is for Attitude
Jan.  12 D is for Develop
Feb.  23 E is for Example
Mar.  23 R is for Respect
Apr.   27 S is for Serve
May  18 Be LEADERS!

Mentor Tentative Schedule On Academy 4 Friday:

1:15 - Arrive at School
Check In by getting your name tag, go to auditorium. You will be given important mentor updates.

1:40 - Meet Student in Auditorium
Watch leadership curriculum with student, participating in mentor/student activities.

2:00 - Mentor/Student Quality Time
Feel free to go to designated areas to discuss leadership curriculum, play games, or do a craft.

2:45 - Dismissal
Go back to auditorium with student for dismissal.


Donna Park Elementary  is located in Hurst, Texas just south of  Texas 183/121 Toll Road and East of the 820 Freeway.

A full 61% of the students at Donna Park Elementary qualify for a free or reduced lunch.

The demographic of Donna Park Elementary is 25% Hispanic, 24% African American with the balance of the 48% either Caucasian, Asian or other.

Donna Park Elementary School
1125 Scott Drive
Hurst, TX 76053