Clarke Elementary, Fort Worth, TX

Clarke Events 2017-2018

Oct 20th LEADERS Overview          
Nov 3rd  L is for Listen
Dec 1st E is for Encourage
Jan 26th A is for Attitude
Feb 9th D is for Develop
Mar 9th E is for Example
Apr 6th R is for Respect
May 4th S is for Serve //  Be LEADERS!          

Mentor Schedule on Academy 4 Friday:

1:15 - Arrive at School
Check In by getting your name tag, go to auditorium. You will be given important mentor updates.

1:40 - Meet Student in Auditorium
Watch leadership curriculum with student, participating in mentor/student activities

2:00 - Mentor/Student Quality Time
Feel free to go to designated areas to discuss leadership curriculum, play games, or do a craft.

2:45 - Dismissal
Go back to auditorium with student for dismissal.


Clarke Elementary is located in the South Hemphill Heights area of Fort Worth, Texas just south of Interstate 30 and west of Interstate 35W.

A full 86% of the students at Clarke Elementary qualify for a free or reduced lunch.

The demographic of Clarke Elementary is 83% Hispanic, 7% African American with the balance of the 10% either Caucasian, Asian or other.

Clarke Elementary School
3300 S. Henderson Street
Fort Worth, TX 76110