How Academy 4 Works

Academy 4 takes place one Friday each month for 9 months during the school year. Fourth grade students, mentors, and volunteers gather on the school campus during the school day for a fun-filled time of leadership training and relationship building. Each Academy 4 session is comprised of three different activity times; Clubs, Leadership Training, and Quality Time with Mentors.


Students attend two clubs at each Academy 4 session. These clubs focus on various topics of interest such as cooking, dance, basketball, soccer, crafts, robotics, drums, drama, etc. The clubs are led by volunteers within the community who possess experience and expertise in the club topic. The clubs provide the students with opportunities to explore extra-curricular activities they may not otherwise experience in their normal daily lives. The clubs are an excellent avenue for the students to be exposed to new ideas and experiences.

Leadership Training

Students and mentors gather for Leadership Training in a pep rally atmosphere. Complete with music, video, puppet shows, and conversation, the Leadership Training walks the students through a curriculum focusing on a leadership characteristic each month. Using an acrostic with the word LEADER, the students learn about these important leadership characteristics.

L – Listen
E – Encourage
A – Attitude
D – Develop
E – Example
R – Respect
S – Serve

Students and mentors work together to process the leadership characteristic of the day and discuss ways that it can be applied in their daily lives.


The final activity at each Academy 4 session is by far the favorite of all students. Following the Leadership Training, the students and mentors are given time to connect on campus. They can spend time shooting hoops, kicking or throwing a ball, reading a book, playing a board game, making a craft, or just simply chatting about life.  It is during this special quality, one-on-one time that relationships grow and students truly feel special and loved.

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Typical Schedule:  

12:00 – 12:05
Students Check in For Club #1

12:05 – 12:50
Club #1

12:50 – 12:55
Students Check In For Club #2

12:55 – 1:40
Club #2

1:15 – 1:25 (Mentors Only; Not Students)
Mentors Arrive & Check In

1:25-1:40 (Mentors Only; Not Students)
Mentor Meeting

1:40 – 1:45
Students Find Mentor For Assembly

1:45 – 2:00
Leadership Assembly

2:00 – 2:40
Quality Time For Students With Mentors

Mentor time commitment is highlighted in RED